'The Captain's Dream Portal' — C02 cartridges, tank end, bronze ring from ship porthole, stained glass 'Glass canopy' — stainless, frosted glass 'Foyet Shelf with Hinged Compartment' — steel, aluminium, wood, 24” 'Circle-Square' — mirror, bronze, copper, steel saw blades Wrought iron rail 'Codfish & Friends' weathervane — copper, stainless, 36” 'Wedges' from 'Light Within' series — steel plate, cast glass, frosted stainless 'Robinson' garden gate — forged iron, paint, pigments One of 13 porch lightss/brackets for UNCA Pisgah house — steel, fiberglass Porch lightss/brackets for UNCA Pisgah house — steel, fiberglass 'Harry's Gate' — hand-forged steel 'invented' botanicals, powder-coat finish 40” x 60” 'Scimitar' — pool table slate, stainless 'Lake Lodge' octagon with 16 lanterns — 10 foot diameter 'Source' — steel, stainless, recirculation system, 8' long 'Joel Fireplace Grille' — forged steel & copper with antique glass 'Thinking the Unthinkable' — steel, antique cannonball, 20” Brucie's foyet chandelier — (from below) Brucie's foyet chandelier with copper & brass — 5 foot diameter 'Double Gate' — stainless, iron 'Lee Roc' terrace gate — forged iron, steel, paint, pigments 'Beam Me Up Scotty' — turned cherry, aluminium, enamelled stell, stainless, Corian, fiberglass Driveway light — stainless steel, aluminium 'Aboriginal' mirror — forged iron, stainless, hammered copper, powerline cable, 44” 'Aboriginal' mirror — detail 'Low's 10 foot table' — Hickory, stainless, powder coated legs Low's 10 foot table' (end view) Low's 10 foot table' (from below) 'Night Sky Firescreen' — repoussee copper, iron 'Toxaway Lanterns' — forged iron, copper 'Alice Firescreen' — iron, stainless screen, glass tiles 'Golden Proportion' — stee, stainless, copper, powerline cable 'Fossil Flow' — steel, glass, 48”
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