Welcome to Shooting Star Forge

Doug Lapham has been crafting functional sculpture at Shooting Star Forge in Asheville, NC for 25 years. Working in recycled materials from steel and aluminum to glass and wood, Doug's work is rich in texture and variety.

In an era when even cameras are disposable, Doug reverses the tide by extracting intriguing goodies from scrap yards and with discriminating dumpster-diving, puts to good use a wealth of discarded industrial materials.

Beneath his torches, grinders and pneumatic hammers this 'junk' is cut, shaped, bent, sand-blasted and reborn as contemporary tables, lighting, mirrors and gates which ultimately find themselves in galleries and fine homes across the country.

Click on the gallery at right to explore Doug's work and on the left you can read about what is behind the creation of the unique items being hammered out at Shooting Star Forge.

In addition to artistic metalwork Shooting Star Forge provides fabrication, repair and restoration services

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